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"There is some magic in the path to reach a solution. Finally, the simplicity, the higher the satisfaction"

In noba-solutions we like meet needs and problems, but where we really enjoyed it all the way to find ways to solve them. It's not an easy road, because often the customer know you need something but do not know exactly what, much less that range of possibilities exist. Nor do we know everything, or anything, is more of what we do not master advocate delegate to individuals or specialized companies.

As an example, we know the SAP world, but never say '... stop! do not follow! there not master ... '. As we explain the less are the tools or software used, is the need. Sometimes the solution is a simple MS-Excel macro that connects to the SAP database and updates about specific records more easily and ... 'integrated' with the collection of field data.

A computer solution can be simple, how low our spirit and courage tried.

Our field of specialty covers:

  •  Web development (LAMP, django framework, ...),
  •  custom developments with Geomedia Desktop © Intergraph
  •  support and development for G/Comms  G/Technology © Intergraph
  • solutions for Microsoft Office: VBA MSExcel, MSWord, etc.
  •  systems integration,

If your needs are part of another field, not hesitate to contact us, we can guide you and how minimal at worst, bring you new ideas.

Born at May’69 on Barcelona

I love software development just for fun but even more to satisfy needs.
On July of 2013, I started a new adventure and I settled on my own launching noba-solutions.
First aproach was with Commodore 64, LOGO (visit the academy!) and GWBASIC (so far..)
First in love with ‘C’ (Borland Turbo C) and ASM, engatget with ‘C++’ and later I'll discover the darkness and beauty of ‘Perl’, uauhh!
Work forced to meet other stuff as VBA (so good!).
Then come web development with my partner LAMP. Luxury and fun days.
What to say about words!
Now recently I‘ve seen the light with django framework (thanks Franky).
I'm sure that next step guide me to new chalengers.
Years of experience makes me better on searching easy solutions to deal big and small realities

not only...but