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"The projects represent the tour with the customer with the common goal of success. Work, effort and understanding help to strengthen the relationship"

These are the projects we have undertaken to date:


Complex project for assistance to the daily management business elements (create, modify and delete) . Powerful versioning procedures of route charts that facilitates daily changes in the reality of exploitation. Automated process of creating print quality CAD drawings with data boxes (calendar, codes, dates, types ...) directly from alphanumeric management environment. The product quality level CAD environment, but with a GIS environment is achieved with a better response time and reduced error rate in the data.

Adequacy of the desktop work environment for better usability and adequaciy for daily procedures. We lowered response times reaching optimizations 45-1 with consequent improvement in productivity.

Deep changes in the Web environment, adapting the open source infrastructure technologies and improving the database connection. We have added about ten new functionalities, e.g. one for maintaining inventory of locations and bins, as well as graphical reports on distribution map quality RFID readings, etc. We have gained general improvement in response times at all business processes.

Escola RomanĂ­

With escola romani we are technological partners with the aim of sharing computer knowledge and help in the changes made in this area. Txus Zubeldia, big advocate of cooking and local market as well as organic products, also believes in adapting to new technologies and social networks. These can be a great opportunity to give new impetus to better food education.

Starting with the sectors that impact the most on children nowadays: the schools.

As a first collaborative framework, we will launch the website as a new channel of information, supplemented by the current blog, which has been so popular.

This website allows among other things, manage the extensive activities undertaken (courses, workshops, educational trips, etc.) as well as perform marketing mailing sectored in an automated way.

An intranet sector aimed to course users with information activities and spaces for collaboration and discussion between them is expected.

Club esportiu GADEX

Development and implementation of a Web environment for the sports managed by Gadex club.

We have a first functional version: visit it here!.

Prepared for the realization of distributed tasks assigned to each of the people within the club: directors, coaches, agents, players and parents.

Three distinct environments:

  1.  intranet for viewing own data that affect registered user
  2.  an extranet with the publication of club information and
  3.  administrative environments for the management of the club.

The multichannel environment is prepared for all sports managed by Gadex. The information shown to the visitor will be only relatecd to the chosen sport.

You can then manage and publish data concerning:

  • Users: parents, players, coaches, delegates, management, etc.

  • equipment: clubs, clubs venues, seasons, teams, schools, etc.

  • Competitions: composition of teams, matches, scores, statistics, incidents, etc.

  • Training: hours, special days, dress equipment, incidents, etc.

  • Content Web / sponsors / external links

  • And more...

Sleep Jenkins Questionnaire web data-entry

Performing a Web data collection environment for a medical sleep study.

At next phase we will improve it into a distributed environment data collection for the integration of more doctors / clinical institutions

St. Genis Corner

Website submission manufactured product on hand to decorate the garden or the house and line of clothing.

Reuse of recycled material, giving a high value on sustainability and the environment. .

They have collections for different events throughout the year, weddings, christening parties, halloween, Christmas, etc.

They also have personalized services in consulting and event planning.

For registered persons a shipment is made automatic newsletter with news or information that any given user request.

In a second phase the platform undertake e-commerce.

Born at May’69 on Barcelona

I love software development just for fun but even more to satisfy needs.
On July of 2013, I started a new adventure and I settled on my own launching noba-solutions.
First aproach was with Commodore 64, LOGO (visit the academy!) and GWBASIC (so far..)
First in love with ‘C’ (Borland Turbo C) and ASM, engatget with ‘C++’ and later I'll discover the darkness and beauty of ‘Perl’, uauhh!
Work forced to meet other stuff as VBA (so good!).
Then come web development with my partner LAMP. Luxury and fun days.
What to say about words!
Now recently I‘ve seen the light with django framework (thanks Franky).
I'm sure that next step guide me to new chalengers.
Years of experience makes me better on searching easy solutions to deal big and small realities

not only...but