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"The range of knowledge is amplified the more you extend the collaboration network. Humility in a relationship, it makes you more permeable to accepting new challenges."

Just how are things in the world in general and labor in particular, increasingly, the partnerships are to be given more often. Nobody covers knowledge as a whole and humans do not live long enough to accumulate enough experience to be experts in multiple fields.

In noba-solutions we believe in creating multi-disciplinary teams and like to participate.

The result of this collaborative spirit have been part of great teams like:

On february'15 we start with the determination of collaboration with invenTiva on the IT projects development scope searching the customer satisfaction on their needs.
We both have similar synergies and we share common interest and ways of doing. We'll keep you posted...

GEDO is an integrated sports company that develops solutions for two markets: Clubs and individuals. 

We are part of a fantastic development team with the common goal of building a brand with great principles.

Born at May’69 on Barcelona

I love software development just for fun but even more to satisfy needs.
On July of 2013, I started a new adventure and I settled on my own launching noba-solutions.
First aproach was with Commodore 64, LOGO (visit the academy!) and GWBASIC (so far..)
First in love with ‘C’ (Borland Turbo C) and ASM, engatget with ‘C++’ and later I'll discover the darkness and beauty of ‘Perl’, uauhh!
Work forced to meet other stuff as VBA (so good!).
Then come web development with my partner LAMP. Luxury and fun days.
What to say about words!
Now recently I‘ve seen the light with django framework (thanks Franky).
I'm sure that next step guide me to new chalengers.
Years of experience makes me better on searching easy solutions to deal big and small realities

not only...but